List of Writing Strategies and How to Use Them

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Did you know that artificial intelligence (AI) can now write comprehensive and informative articles? There is a good chance that in a couple of years they AI will learn how to write fiction stories and novels. This can be a great motivation for all of the upcoming writers to polish their skills and master new techniques. But is there a step-by-step algorithm of writing engaging content? What are those major writing techniques you would emphasize when teaching AI how to create interesting texts?

Many writers say that they have their own routine of turning an average text into a breathtaking literary piece. There are no universal rules that fit every writer’s individuality. Here’s the collection of the most effective tips on making your writing appealing. Some of them will definitely have a great impact on your writing process.

Make an Outline

This might come as a surprise but that thing about outlines your English teacher told you at school is true. Making an outline is an essential part of the process. And don’t roll your eyes. It is a trivial fact but there are many texts that lack a rigid structure. The messier your text will be the more difficult it is for a reader to understand it. Note down the point you want to discuss and stick to that plan.

Focus on the Opening Paragraph

The first sentence you write should intrigue the readers. You can use short sentences for building up their interest. Do not give away the topic too soon. Let the readers wonder what it is that you want to say. But don’t play with their sense of mystery for too long as you risk losing their attention.

Remember that an introductory paragraph should inform the readers about the topic you are exploring. It must be clear for them what you will be talking about in your article to make the decision of whether to keep reading it or not. Most of the writers agree that the first paragraph is the right place to demonstrate your creative and unique style. Just do not overdo it and know when to stop.

Blend in Your Personal Experience

There is no better way to build an emotional bond with readers than sharing a personal experience with them. You can combine the facts from your real life with fiction to make the story more vibrant. It is easier to be convincing when you write about something you know very well. We all have our personal perception of life but there are many things that overlap. This is one of the ways you can connect with a reader.

Avoid Using Long Words

Sincerity is what readers value the most. Do not pretend to be someone else by using complicated terms and expressions. Long fancy words are not helpful in getting your message across. The main feature of a really good content is its clarity. You want the audience to gallop through the book you have written. Your writing must be so refreshing that a reader couldn’t get enough of it. Make it easy for your readers to jump from one sentence to another without struggling to understand the definition of the words you use.

Know Your Readers

Before you start writing, decide who is your perfect reader. Who is this person you are writing for? Are they single or married? Do they have a vast working experience or just start building their careers? This technique will help you decide what tone and style of writing would be appropriate. Some writers believe that it is not about the readers but expressing their own world of emotions via the art of writing. But there always has to be someone to appreciate your efforts. Otherwise, you are just feeding your ego.

Interact with Your Audience

If we are to talk about online posts, the common mistake bloggers do is limiting the level of their readers’ involvement. Do not be afraid to ask for their feedback. Ask questions and start a dialog with them. It will surprise you how useful this interaction can be. You will get to know more about the way readers react to your articles. The digital world gives us a fascinating opportunity to get the instant feedback and make the necessary alterations.

Let the Readers Benefit

Everything you write about should have some value, whether it is purely spiritual or practical. There are so many books and articles on the same topic to read that your goal is to convince the audience to choose those you’ve written. To do that, they have to understand what’s in it for them. How can they benefit from reading your materials?

Master the Art of Storytelling

Every marketer will agree that telling a good story is the right way to win the hearts of the audience. Not only does it keep them interested but also makes it easy to draw conclusions. Any concept or idea becomes simple when you provide the context. Be prepared that learning how to use this technique may take you some time. You can come up with an interesting story by yourself or use the works of renowned writers.

Learn to Use the Available Information Effectively

When you do a research, you should remember that all other writers will have the same information at their disposal. Your task is to use it in a new innovative way. There are thousands of articles popping up every day that look like the same. To get through the noise of that excessive information, you need to offer something completely different to the readers.

Use Testimonials

It is always a good idea to support your opinion using a quote of someone people trust. It must be a person whose views are well respected. This is the way our brain works. If something sounds suspicious, we need proofs. Insert the quotes from reputable sources to make your conclusions sound more convincing.

Include Exciting Facts

If the style and topic of your text allow you to use some facts from the real life, do so. Just make sure it is something that people will appreciate. An interesting fact at the beginning of your article is a sure attention grabber. This is why the preliminary research is so important. Even if you have a good expertise in this particular field of knowledge and don’t need to check any information that’s in your head, the research stage is still required.

Be Clear and Specific

There is nothing more annoying than an author who can’t make himself clear. The worst thing that can happen after reading a text is to have just one question in your head: “What have I just read?” If you don’t know how to express your thoughts in a comprehensive manner, you have to practice a lot. This is the key ability a good writer needs to have.

Write regularly

Practice makes perfect. The saying is as old as time but still, makes a lot of sense. Only by writing every day can you polish the skills. It is like going to a gym. Once you start skipping the training sessions, your muscles become weak. Practice regularly and try to discover new aspects of creative writing.

Cyclical Writing

Some prefer writing in the chronological order: to begin with an introduction and end with a concluding paragraph. There is a more effective method, though. You can write short paragraphs for every section of your text at a time. In this way, you will come back to every part of the writing several times. Doing so will help you keep the easy flow of the content and focus on the main idea.

Enjoy the Writing Process

There is nothing wrong about wanting readers to like your articles. But if this is the only motivation you have, it won’t get you very far. Enjoy the process itself not the results. Only if you have the feeling of satisfaction from what you do, will you be able to become good at it.

Read as Much as You Can

This is not exactly one of the writing strategies. But to excel you have to stray far afield in reading. The more you know about the world around you, the more profound and interesting your texts will be. Besides, it is a great way to find the necessary inspiration.

We hope most of these tips will help you master this art. If you have your own suggestions, please leave a comment below. Writing is a hard work but it becomes easier when you have the right tools. Every point of this list has been tested in practice and proved to be effective. Blend them with your own techniques to discover that unique style of yours.