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Have you noticed how many guidelines for every type of an essay exist? You are going to spend hours simply reading all of them. It seems that there is no other way to get a good grade except for following those guidelines and instructions in every single detail. Getting to know the standards of a persuasive essay makes you sleepy and demotivated. If you would rather spend this time in a more productive way, let Edupeet help you.

You can buy a persuasive essay online and forget about all of that. You will get a sample paper that can serve you as an inspiration and a real example of an A-level essay. If you borrow the techniques of our experts, you are definitely going to get a well-structured and correctly formatted paper.

People often associate the college education with a theoretical knowledge. It equips you with the basic ideas of your major but usually omits the practical part. Metaphorically speaking, a student is a musician that can name all the notes but can’t play them. Teachers tell you how to do something but don’t show the process. Edupeet offers you practical persuasive essay writing help. You will know what a nicely written essay should look like and how to create it. Our writers on average have 4 years of experience and are aware of all the tips and tricks.

We are a combination of a trustworthy service and a freelance writer. At Edupeet, you can choose an expert who will take care of your persuasive essay. However, unlike cooperating with a writer directly and having no guarantees, Edupeet makes sure you get what you need. We offer multiple guarantees – including a money back guarantee – to secure the positive outcome for our clients.

One more important point is that we have a strict confidentiality policy. We promise not to disclose your personal information to the third parties. Moreover, you can chat with our gurus and ask for their samples. You will know what to expect before making a commitment. Using our assistance is safer and more effective.

How Will You Write My Persuasive Paper?

That’s a fair question as you have the right to know what our working process looks like. You are aware of the fact that it is impossible to write this paper without any additional materials. To be convincing you need to find convincing facts and figures. Many students struggle with the research because it is immensely difficult to discover something you can use.

The common facts and well-known data won’t work. Edupeet experts know the right sources to look for the relevant information. When you turn to us for the writing help with a persuasive essay, be sure to get a profound literary piece with references to reputable online resources, books, and scientific journals. Once you choose the right person to assist you, s/he will start looking for the up-to-date materials.

One more significant point is organizing the information in the right order. Even the most impressive arguments will lose their power if you misplace them in a persuasive essay. You can learn a couple of techniques from our gurus and get to the next level of the academic writing with us. Never miss the stage of making an outline because it is essential to recognize what are all the details you want to discuss and their sequence. Our experts know that and always get the desired outcome.

Nobody’s perfect and you know it. If you get a paper from one of our writers and it does not look quite right to you, ask them for a free revision. You can make some minor alterations to make your essay look the way you want it to. We care about meeting our clients’ expectations and will make all the changes for free. This option may not be available if you turn to a random freelance writer.

Note that you can contact us at any time because we are online 24/7. It is one of the most convenient functions online services have. We have employees from around the world and they will gladly support you. Grab this opportunity to score high without spending the whole night making an outline and looking through the ancient manuscripts.

Ingredients of a Good Persuasive Essay

When you order a paper from a service you haven't used before, you want it to be good. There is always a risk of getting a poorly written literary piece. Edupeet guarantees you the exceptional quality. We cooperate with the writers who know what they are doing. They are aware of the secret ingredients that make any recipe of a good essay even better.

Your essay will have a rigid structure. It will not look like a list of random facts that may or may not support the thesis statement.

Our writers will include the possible counter-arguments. It is always beneficial for the author to mention the points her opponents may have and prove them wrong.

Your essay will consist of the up-to-date information. Our experts thoroughly check the facts before writing about them. They will make sure every statement is correct.

One of the most important aspects of writing a successful persuasive essay is to sound like an expert. A reader should be under the impression that you have studied all the sources on the topic of your research and now know everything about it. To do that, you obviously do not have to read every single article dedicated to the topic of your discussion. To show your expertize, the arguments you choose should be profound and relevant. Choose only those that seem almost undebatable. To show your reader that you are aware of the counterarguments as well, use address them in your essay.

There is one almost invisible ingredient of a good essay - the absence of grammar errors. Although it is not something student think of when writing an essay, the teachers pay close attention to the misspelled words and misplaced commas. There should be no typos if you want to demonstrate your responsibility and attentiveness. As a rule, students do not have enough time to cope with this stage of the writing process. If you find yourself in such a difficult situation, do not hesitate to ask our experts for their assistance. They are excellent at editing and proofreading.

How to Increase Your Level of Persuasion

The topic of persuasion is massive and there is a lot to discuss. The most popular question students want to find the answer to is how to become more persuasive in real life. It is something completely different from being convincing on the paper. When you are in contact with an opponent, it can be difficult to find the right arguments to defend your viewpoint. Here are some tips from our team you might find helpful.

Believe in what you are saying. This point is crucial when it comes to channeling confidence. People are more likely to believe someone who looks confident than someone who does not. To do that, you need to believe in your major points. If you feel that you don't completely agree with one of the arguments, you can either decide not to mention it or find enough facts that support it.

Body language says more than your words do. Try to notice your posture and movements during the speech/conversation. Do you give any signals that associate with ambivalence, indecision? When you start paying attention to what gestures you make with your hands, you will understand why people don't believe you. It is a good idea to make a video of yourself making a short speech and see everything from a new perspective.

The language you use still matters. Although your mimics and movements oftentimes play a key role, the words you use are also very important. Stress the words that can convince your audience. Analyze your content from the point of view of your audience. What sounds more or less believable? Which figures do you need to highlight and make an emphasis on during the conversation? After answering these questions, it will be easier to get the audience on your side.

Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas

We all had the experience of being a loser during the process of having an argument with someone. You run out of convincing arguments and have to admit that your opponent has won. Writing a persuasive essay is just like having an argument but with an imaginary conversation partner. You are in total control of the dialog and can predict the counterarguments. Nevertheless, it is very important to choose a good topic. Obviously, it should be debatable but it is not the only requirement it has to meet. It should be relevant, interesting, and original. If you are having trouble coming up with an appropriate option, this list of topic ideas can be your inspiration.

  1. Smoking a pipe is more harmful than smoking a cigarette.
  2. Should smoking be banned forever?
  3. Anti-smoking ads are not effective.
  4. The concept of loving your neighbor as yourself is outdated.
  5. Love is more important than friendship.
  6. We need alternative forms of transport.
  7. Physical beauty vs. inner beauty.
  8. Objectification of women does not exist.
  9. Should there be a dress code at a workplace?
  10. Online dating is in no way helpful.
  11. Security cameras should be everywhere.
  12. Commercial testing on animals is helpful and should continue to exist.
  13. Euthanasia helps people to die with dignity.
  14. There should be more strict laws as to illegal immigrants.
  15. There is no equal representation of genders in all the social areas of our lives.
  16. Our education system is obsolete.
  17. There is no need for higher education in the 21st century.
  18. Recycling should become one of the mandatory regulations.
  19. Owning a gun should be illegal.
  20. Fast food restaurants should be banned.
  21. Women have the right to join the child-free movement.
  22. Selfishness is a good thing.
  23. Genetics is the only factor that determines human behavior.
  24. Uneven distribution of wealth is a good thing.
  25. There should be no place for polygamy in the modern society.
  26. No country should be allowed to use biological weapons.
  27. In order to have children, parents should pass a psychological test.
  28. The US astronauts did not land on the Moon.
  29. Cats are better pets than dogs.
  30. The grading system we have now is outdated.


How to Order Your Persuasive Essay

You can benefit from using in many ways. The option of direct communication with writers makes the results of our cooperation more predictable. You can take total control over the situation and make necessary updates at any time. We understand that using any online services is risky so there is no need in paying for your essay in advance. You reserve money but the writer you choose will receive it only after your approval. Additionally, you can rely on the multiple guarantees we offer. You should know that the essay you get meets all the standard requirements and also includes your specific instructions.

  1. Place an order and check the list of writers ready to help you.
  2. Have a small chat with the writers. You can learn more about their experience and background.
  3. You can check if the skills of our experts meet your expectations. Ask them to send you a preview of the essay you need.
  4. Make your choice and watch the progress. You will see every step of the process by logging into your account.
  5. Communicate with the writer of your choice. You can discuss all the details of your essay directly.
  6. Get your persuasive essay and check if everything is alright. You can ask for a free revision.
Can you help me with finding the right argumentation?

Of course, our expert will be eager to find the necessary facts and figures to make your essay stand out. They will make it look convincing no matter how complex the topic can be. They have written many persuasive essays and know where to look for the relevant information.

Can you help me with finding the right argumentation? Of course, our expert will be eager to find the necessary facts and figures to make your essay stand out. They will make it look convincing no matter how complex the topic can be. They have written many persuasive essays and know where to look for the relevant information.
What if the essay I get does not meet the initial requirements? You can ask your writer to make the necessary changes and make the essay look like just the way you want it to be. The revisions are free. However, the writer will not be able to make some dramatic changes that you mention for the first time during the revision session. Pay attention when placing an order and make sure you mention all of the important points there.
Can I get a refund? According to our policy, you can get a full refund if you have paid twice for the same order or have places two identical orders. All the other cases will be reviewed by our team if it is the case of a partial refund.