Is Writing Inspiration Overrated?

depressed woman If you've ever complained about the lack of inspiration, you will enjoy reading this article. People who are involved in the creative activities like painting, writing, crafting, etc. often say that itis impossible to do anything worthy without inspiration. It seems that you can never write a good essay or a novel without it. While that is true in some way, it does not mean that you should sit and wait for an inspiration to come and do nothing. The writing assignments usually have tight deadlines. There is no sense in wasting your time. Besides, you will not be able to give your teacher a sound explanation of why the paper is not ready. Writing inspiration is important but you can start working without it as long as you have a strong will to get it done.

How the Idea of Inspiration Holds You Back

idea inspiration The main problem with the phenomenon of inspiration is that it gives you the ideal excuse for staying inactive. It is like you are pushing the "pause" button and start waiting. To be productive and stop thinking about your misery, you have to start taking small steps. Otherwise, you risk ending up uninspired and without anything done. Here are some examples of how these ideas can prevent you from reaching a goal.

Spending too much time doing nothing. When you have an excuse of inspiration absence, the time flies by. You can tell the same story to your friends, parents, and teachers over and over again. The problem is that the only thing that matters is the final result. If you miss the deadline, you will not score high on a paper.

Everything you write without inspiration is worthless. In reality, it is not true. First of all, you might not know what the real inspiration looks like. You might hate the idea for an essay topic after 5 minutes of coming up with it. How should you decide if it's good or bad? Just start writing and see where it leads you. If the idea is good, you will see that every piece of a big picture comes together. If it is not, start the brainstorming process once again.

Waiting for the perfect idea to come. The world is not perfect and nor are your ideas. There are those that seem more interesting to you. You can never know where a new topic idea can lead you if you don't start exploring it. Make it a habit to write something every day if you know that this is one of the key assignments you are going to get at school/college. The more you practice the better results you will get.

How to Use Inspiration to Your Advantage

inspiration advantage

Makes you hungry for creativity. When you have the "Aha!" moment, it does not matter if the idea is good or bad. You start feeling the urgent need to put your idea on paper and then decide if there is something to it. These moments are the best illustration of true inspiration. They have an addictive effect and you start looking for them everywhere. The hunger for creativity is OK as long as you don't make it the central point of your work. use the inspiration to guide you in the right direction but don't become dependent on it.

Makes you more sensible. People often use creative means like music to evoke strong emotions and get the necessary inspiration. We are looking for something to activate our sensory senses. The more inspirational music you listen to, tasty food you eat, exciting books you read, the more sensible and aware you become. A good writer always notices something others don't and can describe it using the right words. If you continue practicing, your skills will get better and better.

Improves your social skills. One of the best sources of inspiration for a writer are people. Their stories to be more accurate. Many great characters are based on real people. A writer's task is to add or slightly change some traits of character that fit the plot of a story or novel. one of the technique is to sit in a crowded place and eavesdrop. However, there is no guarantee you are going to get a lot out of that. It is more effective to talk to people.

Where to Look for It

inspiration Now that you know that inspiration has bad and good aspects, you can choose whether start looking for it or not. If you decide to see how it works, you have to know some of the possible ways of finding it. These are the options that once helped famous writers to create their masterpieces. Who knows, perhaps you will some of them helpful as well.


Who recommends it: Paul Rome

Seeing the same things day after day does not sound inspiring. To reload your mind and bring something different to your every-day routine, start traveling to new places. It does not have to be an overseas trip. Small getaways have an amazing effect too. Think about a spontaneous journey where there will be no one you know and who knows you. New places and new people. What can be better to find the story of your life?


Who recommends it: Khaled Hosseini

If you do not consider yourself to be a people's person, reading or watching the latest news might be the perfect option. You will get to know about the stories of different people without even leaving your own apartment. Don't count on coming across a perfect story that does not need any additional plot twists. Take one as a basis and make it extraordinary.

Long walks

Who recommends it: Geraldine Brooks

Walks are a kind of meditation. You get to dive deep into your own thoughts and enjoy nature. If you enjoy quiet and peaceful places, go to a park or somewhere outside the city. In case you like the place to be buzzing, walk down the streets of your city and try to pay attention to everything that is going on.


Who recommends it: Colson Whitehead, James Salter

We always stand on the shoulders of giants, so find a movie or book that you really like and try to find inspiration there. Your goal is to see something new in it, something you haven't noticed before. It is interesting how a well-known story can get a new dimension when you revisit it within some time.

Your Memories

Who recommends it: Tobias Wolff, Chuck Palahniuk

Rely on your own experience. Our childhood memories can be one of the best sources of inspiration. As we are growing up, we all pass through similar stages. This is your chance to appeal to a big audience by evoking the same feelings you one day had in them.


Who recommends it: Donna Tartt, Melanie Banjamin

Do not limit yourself to the masterpieces from the past. Especially if you are writing about a model era and need to feel its vibes and mood. Visit a museum of modern art and get your inspiration there. Attending a yard sale is also an option. You never know what kind of an art piece you might find there.