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Collection of Sites

Writing papers is not the most exciting activity of all. Students try to cope with the writing assignments as fast as they can as the processes of editing, proofreading, and rewriting can last forever. If the goal is to liberate yourself from trying to craft interesting introductions and meaningful conclusions, look for essay help online. There seem to be too many services that offer prompt assistance to the students but not all of them are reliable. Let’s check the list of those that have proven to be really helpful.


There might be a situation when you desperately need an answer to an important question and your teacher is unavailable. Or you might get confused by an assignment. Tutoring is a kind of an essay help online that matches you with a professional editor or writer to clarify all the points you don’t understand.

  • Shmoop.com
    The website is a treasure trove for every student. It offers student guides, writing help, grammar tips and answers your questions. You can post a question for the other members of the community to answer them or get the help from the service’s experts.
  • Princetonreview.com
    You can work one-to-one with a tutor and clarify all the puzzling points about a specific subject (from over 40 they support) you have. The service promises to help you with any assignment analyzing it step-by-step with a tutor.
  • Chegg.com
    Here you’ll find a tutor who will help you create clear and comprehensive content. You can see a short bio of tutors and get to know them better. After you submit a request, the service matches you with the most appropriate expert to meet your requirements.
  • Tutor.com
    Find the professional who will guide you through the difficulties of a specific subject you are struggling with. It has a personalized approach and offers a wide variety of subjects.
  • Prestoexperts.com
    If you are not a big fan of a live chat, you will get a chance to listen to a tutor and get the answers to your questions.
  • Tlclive.com
    UK tutors are at your service. You can start a conversation by asking a few questions for free and then decide if this works for you or not.

Helpful Resources

Sometimes you just need some inspiration or a great tip to change the approach to coping with the assignments. Some web resources offer fast essay help online by letting you read dozens of paper samples and non-trivial tips.

  • Collegeessayguy.com
    Look through the collection of tips on every type of a paper you might get assigned with and create your masterpiece. Here you will find helpful podcasts, guides and books about essay writing you can purchase. Most of the resources are free.
  • Studymode.com
    A huge collection of paper samples that will bring you the much-needed inspiration. You can search by topic or category. You will also find helpful writing tips here.
  • 123helpme.com
    One more resource to browse the impressive collection of paper samples on various topics. There are a free plagiarism checker and a grammar checker you can use.
  • Essaytyper.com
    If you need to get inspiration or just relax for a moment, an essaytyper is a great way to do it. You can push random buttons on the keyboard and it will result in a flawless college paper. The resource generates paper samples you can read for free.

Getting Feedback

Do you want to know what others have to say about your writing? Your subjective opinion might not match the one of the general public. Every writer has a secret desire to get the readers to like what s/he creates, right?

  • Reddit.com
    If you are not sure if the introduction you’ve written is good enough or can’t find the best way of expressing an idea, get some practical tips from the Reddit community. Post a question and wait for someone to start commenting on it. The number of users is impressive, so you will get the necessary information eventually.
  • Smart Thinking Writing Center
    Ask a tutor to review your paper and give you feedback. You will get a detailed critique on your writing with the emphasis on areas you need to improve.
  • Essayjudge.com
    Post an essay and find out what an English teacher has to say about it. It is a chance to get the objective feedback from an experienced professional for free.

Proofreading & Editing

Spelling and punctuation check is crucial if you want to get a high score for a paper. It is not enough for the teachers to submit a substantial paper. It also has to be free of errors and typos. Here are the services you might find helpful.

  • Grammarly.com
    It is a free online editor you can use to write as many papers as you want. It checks spelling and makes suggestions on what word might fit the context better if the one you’ve used seems to be wrong. There are some additional options like vocabulary enhancement and plagiarism check you will have to pay for. You can also pay for a professional editor to proofread your paper.
  • Kibin.com
    The editing service offers you to use the wisdom of their professional team of experts, get their comments, feedback and suggestions. Kibin.com can deliver the revised paper within 3 hours and offers a money back guarantee to all the clients.
  • Paperrater.com
    The service offers you to find out a grade you might get for your paper. It analyzes spelling, word choice, style, and vocabulary. Based on how high your writing is on each scale, you can see the final result and the grade you can count on getting. The paid version is also available with features like plagiarism check and no submission length limitations.
  • Analyze.academichelp.net
    Ask an expert to read your paper and proofread it. You will get his comments, suggestions and even his guess on a grade you will most probably get. Prices start at $4.5 per page.
  • Enago.com
    A reputable service that offers high-quality editing services to writers and scholars who need publishing support. You can use the help of the qualified native English-speaking editors.
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